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A Lonely Female Squirrel A Handsome Unusally Black Squirrel A Huge Storm

“This is a lovely tale of Effie, the squirrel, and her life in the forest. Effie has been lonely since her mother’s disappearance. The forest is full of all kinds of animals, crows, birds, other squirrels, Major owl, Mr. Nibbler the porcupine, Buteo the dangerous hawk, Mr. and Mrs. Otter, blue jays and many more. Effie lives alone and she is lonely. One day, she meets a beautiful black squirrel, Simon, and they become friends. After bonding with Simon during a huge storm, Effie finds a partner to share her life. This is story of Effie and Simon as they become a couple and endure a huge storm.
RECOMMENDATION: This was a lovely book that any child should love. I found some of the complex words were geared toward older children, however with help any age could enjoy this book of life in the forest. Ms. Baron skillfully included a dialogue between Effie and Mrs. Otter on environmental waste and its hazard to wildlife. Well done Ms. Baron. The drawings were sweet, well done, and should appeal to children. I would not hesitate to purchase this book for a child.
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