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Menagerie Mind – Work In Progress

Menagerie Mind creative cover
Menagerie Mind creative cover

Sixteen-year-old Ferne Tippet isn’t ready for her sophomore year. After a summer stroke broke her brain and fractured her speech, she struggles to say what’s on her mind. Fearful of failing her classes and losing her friends, she muscles through school until a mysterious mental connection with animals gives her a chance to speak normally.

Experimenting with her new furry friends is just the opportunity Ferne needs to give her hope and purpose since her boyfriend dumped her. But when her best friend Benny finds out about her ability, Ferne forces him to keep it secret even though the telepathy may further damage her brain. Her adopted cat shows Ferne that there’s more to communication than words, but she must be mindful of her mental health and her best friend’s affections, or she will lose both forever.

This manuscript blends themes of CURSED by Karol Ruth Silverstein (Charlesbridge Teen, 2019) and ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST, and should appeal to readers who enjoy getting lost in their wild thoughts.

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