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A Tale of Two Squirrels

© 2013
© 2013

squirrel’s life is never dull and Effie’s is no exception. Effie awakes to a new spring day and some news that a storm may be approaching her home. She seeks out information on the weather by talking to the many animals with which she shares the woods. She is surprised with the arrival of Simon, a strange black squirrel that recently lost his home from some wild weather. She listens to his tale and begins to find comfort in his companionship.

Effie and Simon set off together to her home before the storm blows them away. They are able to survive the rough winds, hail, and lightning, but her home ends up completely destroyed. Now they must avoid any predators and travel through the forest in search for a new place to call home.

This story invites the reader on a journey with a squirrel in danger of losing her home and her life but finding love in the process.

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