A Tale of two Squirrels – Aanandita Maitra

“A squirrel-ly adventure……
A.T. Baron’s A Tale Of Two Squirrels, is a tale of sweet adventure, childhood crushes and a fascination of animals.
Though it is a children’s book, but the standard of the text sets an advent of a young adult theme. It is more of a crossing bridge between the innocence of childhood and the gradual touches of a maturing mind.

The tale evolves around Effie, a squirrel, also the main character of the story and her quest against time to secure against an incoming storm. During this journey the author charmingly adds wonderful descriptions of her neighboring animals, with witty little names to enrich the experience, starting from Mr. Nibbler to, Buteo, to Major, and of course Simon. Specially, by creating Simon as an unique black squirrel, the author touches upon the taboo subject of racial discrimination, but with a mellow undertone, teaching moral values within the webs of the story. Also, the development of the budding relationship between Effie and Simon is showcased in a delightful manner keeping the young innocence in mind.

This is a complete story, with it’s own endearing epilogue to sum up the adorable tale. The writing is a little elevated in standard to children’s books, and the scenic descriptions portrays an alluring picture of its own. Lastly, the illustrations form a wonderful part of the story adding beauty and grace, and a little more would have been welcome. Overall, it is a lovely interpretation of the hidden fantasies of childhood in adults and, a learning journey for the nurturing minds.”

*Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.*