A Tale of two Squirrels – Michael Thal

“Wonderful animal tale

Effie is a tree squirrel that recently lost her mother to a vicious predator. She lives alone in a nest of twigs, leaves, and straw high up in a tree. She fears Major, the owl, who she is sure ate her mother. The only animal scarier than Major, is Buteo, the hawk.

The little squirrel did have friends like Mr. Nibbler, the porcupine. Effie made sure she didn’t get too close to him. And then there’s the otter family who lives in a comfy den looking out over a turbulent river.

A.T. Baron’s delightful story, A Tale of Two Squirrels, reveals to young readers the difficulties animals encounter in the wild. Baron takes notice of the tragedies in their lives, but focuses mainly on the joys of life and how those lives are enhanced with the camaraderie of others.

Written in the third person narrative, Baron, a sketch artist as well as a talented author, also entertains her readers with sketches of squirrels, a shrew, an owl, and more. A Tale of Two Squirrels is a fun read for children of all ages.”

Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.