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Fortune Cookie Friday: Sometimes the Price of Bravery is Your Pride

Fortune Cookie Friday: Sometimes the Price of Bravery is Your Pride

If you read my last FCF post, you will remember that I said we, humans, are not perfect. It is simple fact that most accept. We all make mistakes. Most mistakes are small and insignificant, but there are larger ones too. I am sure most of us disregard the small ones and go on with our lives, much like tossing out a small candy wrapper, missing the public trash bin, and not stopping to pick it up. Yeah, we have all been guilty of doing something similar; just admit it.


Why does it have to be so hard to admit when we have wronged? We all know we are flawed; it should not surprise us that we do bad, foolish, or careless acts. Yet many people still put on airs that they did not make a mistake. Sometimes they will even go out of their way to defend themselves, doubling down on what they did.

It all comes down to feeling judged. No one wants to look bad to others, but admitting the truth, that you have made a mistake, will only make you look better. It also moves us closer to remedying the situation. Though not a true act of bravery, it takes a lot of pluck to defeat your pride. Be the brave one and own up to what you have done.