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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, one of the many holidays that we gather with friends and family, eat and be merry. My family traditionally gets together at one relatives house or another, and we each bring a dish to pass. The hosts provide the bird and venue, and usually much wine (we are Italian, after all). I love getting together with my family, because I adore them, and because they are the perfect exercise for my creative writing.

For a couple of hours, I have the opportunity to observe people of various ages, interact naturally, in all their loud, obnoxious lovingness. The smells of the food cooking, sounds of children playing (or arguing), and the festive fall decorations, are material for my imaginative prose. Every bit of the evening is a smorgasbord of possible character traits, scene descriptions, and fodder for “Show, Don’t Tell.”
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“… don’t get all squirrely about not being able to eat peanuts. They really aren’t worth all the fuss. Honey on the other hand, is worth the buzz.”

Squirrely Over Nuts 


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